Teaching toolbox

We propose this toolbox so that you can incorporate speaking skills into the classroom and work on them with your students.

Didactic proposals to work on oral skills in the classroom

Roser Martínez

Are you looking for didactic proposals to work on in the classroom with your students? Do you know about the ARC (Application of Resources to the Curriculum)? In this workshop we will present what CESIRE is, the ARC and some proposals to work on oral language, developed and applied successfully in the classroom by secondary school teachers.

Debate from different points of view: how do I prepare debate in the classroom?

Josep Vicenç Mestre

Debate is a genre that allows you to broaden your critical thinking, helps you reflect, and forces you to question your own principles. In this workshop we will prepare you to bring debate to the classroom to train students in the exchange of ideas and the development of good arguments.

Presentations in the classroom: reinforcement and feedback

Gemma Balaguer

It is essential to properly guide students engaging in public speaking in order to establish and solidify this skill and reduce the fear and discomfort commonly associated with this task. In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to make competent use of reinforcement and feedback.

Oral interviews with families: what should I keep in mind?

Marta Albaladejo

What role do you play as an educational professional when speaking with the families of your students? What resources may aid you in collaborating with students’ families through interviews? In this workshop we recommend a series of strategies to conduct effective interviews in the educational field.

Speaking activities and applying public speaking in the classroom

Caterina Canyelles, Montserrat Peco, Vivian Figueras i Jaume Rafecas

What can you do to work on public speaking in lower and upper secondary school? What techniques can you use and how should you organize the groups? The four teachers in this video will explain how to do so and how to motivate your students.

Techniques for reading aloud: 10 tips

Josep Pedrals

Reading aloud is a highly recommended tool for working on speaking skills. In this workshop you will find 10 tips for what makes a good read-aloud session in the classroom.

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