Learn to speak in public

Online course to learn to speak in public. Made up of twelve short videos created by experts in oral communication. Each video has four related exercises that can be done individually and can also be applied in the classroom. You can complete the course at your own pace in the order that suits you or you can follow the order that we have thought out, divided into sections.

Building the speech

Public speaking: how do I prepare a speech?

Josep M. Castellà

Arguing solidly: How do I prepare the defence of a point of view?

Josep M. Castellà

Creating moving stories: how do I apply storytelling techniques?

Manel Jiménez

Creating good visual support – how do I make my slides effective?

Ingrid Mora

The fear of speaking in public

How does the fear of public speaking work?

David Guzmán

What resources do I have to manage fear of public speaking?

Mar Arcos

The voice and the body

Expressing yourself using your body and voice: how can I prepare my speech?

Pilar Prieto

Preparing the mind, body and voice before speaking: what techniques can I use?

Gemma Reguant

Preparing the voice before speaking: what techniques can I use?

Emma Rodero

Fluidity and pronunciation

Preparing a speech in Catalan: how can I improve my pronunciation in standard Catalan?

Josefina Carrera

What techniques can I use to improve my pronunciation and fluency in a second language?

Joan C. Mora

Final tips

Effective Oral Presentations: Final Tips

Ïo Valls